Friday, January 16, 2009

Latest Email from Martin D. Weiss Ph.D on the Second Round of the Bank Crisis

"Just when everyone thought we’d seen the worst of the carnage in the U.S. banking system ...

Despite the $350 billion in TARP funds Washington already spent to save the big banks ...

Despite Treasury Secretary Paulson’s emphatic assurance to CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo that the banks are no longer in danger just a few days ago ...

And regardless of the $138 billion ADDITIONAL lifeline he’s just been forced to throw Bank of America yesterday ...

A new, more virulent strain of the bank panic contagion is now hitting Wall Street!

Just this morning, Bank of America posted its first loss in 17 years — a whopping $1.7 billion in October, November and December — and cut the dividend it pays to stockholders.

Plus, Citigroup, which had already received $45 billion in government handouts, posted its fifth straight multi-billion dollar quarterly loss — $8.3 billion in the last three months of 2008, bringing its total losses for the year to a staggering $18.7 billion!

No wonder Obama’s advisers have freely admitted that they see an increasingly grave banking crisis beginning to unfold! No wonder they have scrambled to gain control over the second $350 billion in bailout funds! And no wonder ...

The Great Financial Famine of 2009
Is Spreading Like Wildfire!

After the prior phase of this great banking crisis struck last fall, U.S. job losses surged, bringing the total number of paychecks lost by U.S. families to 2.6 million for 2008.

The stock market had a nervous breakdown — with stocks plunging as much as 1,000 points in a single trading session and the Dow crashing by nearly a third in less than 30 days.

Reeling from the carnage, many companies delayed, postponed or even cancelled dividend payments to investors — and the Fed slashed interest rates, cutting yields on other income investments.

But now, it’s looking like last year’s disaster was little more than a dress rehearsal for the new phase of the banking crisis that’s beginning now!

This new phase of the banking crisis is compelling new evidence of the great “financial famine” we warned you about in yesterday’s “7 Startling Forecasts for 2009” emergency briefing: At least a full year in which every source of income and profits you count on is in extreme danger.

That’s why we’ve urged you to consider a new strategy to get yourself and your family through this disaster: A practical way for you to keep money flowing to you no matter how intense this crisis gets — and no matter how long it lasts.

And it’s why we’ve decided to leave the recording of “7 Startling Forecasts for 2009” online for a short time: It is absolutely essential viewing for you if you’re concerned about your income and investments in the year ahead.

Just turn up your computer speakers, and click this link to watch this crucial video while it’s still online.

Best wishes,


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