Saturday, January 3, 2009

Memphis is calling...

More and more I feel Memphis calling me to come on home. Best bud Amerah moved there with new hubby back in '06 and now this article I read this morning has me aching for Memphis. Growing up in Jackson, MS there wasn't much to do here, so you either traveled to New Orleans or Memphis for the good concerts, art shows or anything else cultural, except ballet. We rocked when it came to ballet, hosting the first International Ballet Competition, which was way cool. We also rocked with our Jackson Symphony Orchestra and our New Stage Theatre back in the day.

Normally, we went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, for sporting events, the Jazz Festival or primarily when we just wanted to get funky down in The French Quarter. To tell you the truth, New Orleans always creeped me out. I must have some voodoo in my blood line somewhere because every time I go anywhere near south Louisiana I get creeped out. I can just feel the spirits walking over my soul trying to get in. I can feel them now just thinking about it...shiver... :)

Memphis, on the other hand was always a happy place, I always had a great time, never encountering any evil spirits, going to David_Bowie concerts and hanging out on Beale Street. This was before the revitalization of Beale Street, mind you. Oh, Beale Street has always been there and I think it had much more character back in the day, with it's hole in the wall bars and street musicians. I never ran across anything creepy in Memphis. To wit this blog post...

Click the title link for the awesome story that brought tears to my eyes this morning and gave me something to write about :) This is a program that should be implemented in every prison, not just female ones.

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