Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Teaching Tolerance.org--Lesson Plans for the Inauguration

Give yourself plenty of time to explore the links in this post, you might get lost. :) I've told you all about Teaching Tolerance.org before. Click the title link for a site map. It is an awesome site maintained by The Southern Poverty Law Center. Today's email from Teaching Tolerance focuses on the election and provides great links for a suite of lesson plans to enhance the classroom learning experience for all grade levels.

"A week from today, Barack Obama will become the first African American to serve as the President of the United States. Teaching Tolerance is pleased to release this suite of lesson plans to add depth to classroom observances.

How We Reached This Racial Milestone
Obama's ascension to the highest office in the land is possible only because so many men, women and children - abolitionists, civil rights advocates and their allies - stood up for justice across the centuries. Today's students can join them."

Defenders of Justice (Grades 3-5)

"In this activity for grades 3-5, students will summarize biographies of individuals who fought racism and helped make it possible for a black man to serve as President of the United States. Along they way, they'll discover that they, too, can take a stand for justice and equality and make the world a better place today."

What Makes a Civil Rights Leader? (Grades 7-8)

"This lesson plan is designed to inspire students to think about what makes a civil rights leader – and to think about how they can become the social justice leaders of their own generation."

An Historic Vote (Grades 9-12)

"In this lesson, students in the upper grades will explore the struggle of African Americans to attain voting rights and develop a greater appreciation for the significance of Barack Obama's election." Dig Deeper

Three Ways to Use Obama's Race Speech in the Classroom

"Three new lesson plans for grades 9-12 offer educators fresh, engaging strategies to deepen students' understanding about race and racism throughout history and today."

Unfinished Work

"In this activity, students in the upper grades will debunk the idea that Obama's election means race and racism are no longer relevant in U.S. society."

What Does 'Post-Racial' Mean Anyway?

"In this activity, students in the middle and upper grades will explore whether Obama's selection as the next president of the United States marks a new era in America, one where race doesn't matter."

Racial Disparities Jigsaw Mini-Unit

"This mini-unit allows students in grades 8-12 to investigate racial disparities and their underlying causes and to identify steps individuals and society should take to alleviate them."

Does Rick Warren Represent Diversity? (Grades 9-12)

"In this activity, students will examine whether the inclusion of Rick Warren at the inauguration actually encourages a "range of viewpoints," or simply reinforces those already present."

The ABCs of Black History Month

"In recent years, African Americans have sought answers and begun to uncover hidden history about their own contributions in the Americas. What they've learned, above all else, is how their own history has been wiped clean from history books. They learned that despite the dire news of headlines and studies, African Americans have made vitally important contributions to American society. They've learned of the personal and public struggle to be recognized as whole humans, and of the importance of education so that today's black children can excel. If black children are to have a culturally strong sense of self, if other children are to see them as whole and intelligent contributors to society, then this is the history that must be passed on."

Inaugural Prayers in History (Grades 9-12)

"In this lesson for grades 9-12, students will examine the practice of including prayers in inaugural ceremonies, focusing on the messages these presidential selections send about diversity and faith in American life."
the Diversity Matrix included with this lesson plan is very interesting.

Exposing Hidden Homophobia Great page with great links!

Hesitation and Hope

"The 2008 election showed us that true progress in the struggle for equality is possible. Yet there is still much work to be done."

Welcome Malia and Sasha to the White House (Grades 2-5)

"In this early grades activity, students will discuss the significance of Barack Obama's presidency and create cards welcoming his children to the White House."

We Are the Peacemakers (Grades 3-5)

Flags for Peace

You can find a multitude of great lesson plans for various subjects and grades at The Educator's Reference Desk: Lesson Plans

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