Thursday, January 29, 2009


This rambling started with my email to Amerah last night and apparently I can't stop.

The first thing that's bugging me is, President Obama's continued efforts to appease the GOP and for all his troubles what it got him was a big fat zero in votes for the stimulus package. I way screw them and what they want, we elected you to be our leader because we believed in what you stood for, were sick and tired of what they stood for and where their politics have gotten us.

Next...Rush Limbaugh...I know...I swore his name would never grace my blog, but this is a prime example of why. Seems as though Clear Channel Communications has just given that oxycontin-popping idiot a 50 million dollar a year contract for the next eight years, which will, after all the perks, probably net him closer to 100 million a year. Oh, and this is the best part:

"Clear Channel Communications is laying off 1,850 employees, or about 9% of a total workforce of 20,500. Although the company declined to release specific figures for the different divisions, trade press reports say Clear Channel Radio laid off about 1,500 employees as part of the cutbacks."
Media Post Publications.You have to sign up to get to the link.

Guess the money for Rush has to come from somewhere, right? I wonder what the idiot's politics and beliefs would be if he were to lose it all and end up on the streets like so much of America has in this past year. I would be willing to bet, since the bastard has no morals or strength of character anyway that he would head straight for his gun to end it all. Hey, Rush, inside the mouth is the best place to get the job done.

Now, on to HGTV. First, let me say that for the most part I love HGTV. It saves me from going totally insane when there is nothing to watch on cable for days on end. I can watch Property Virgins, Candice Olson's Divine Design, Color Splash, and basically the entire lineup for days. I even watch the re-runs, which is very unusual for me. Yes, I might have a slight addiction problem with it. My problem is with the Dream Homes. Let's get real. True, we are conditioned from birth to believe we should dream of homes like this and I admit I do, but the reality is that most of us could not afford the dream home even if we were to win it. Income taxes on a 2 million dollar winning would be $666,667. Now granted, the latest home in Sonoma is worthy of dreams, but here is my many of your actual winners have actually gotten to keep these dreams? With the economic downturn, have you ever considered purchasing a tract of land and putting multiple homes on it so that many winners could actually afford to own one of your homes. Hey I've got about creating a totally green neighborhood complete with 25 or so affordable, nicely decorated homes for the contest? Talk about diversity! See, you could not only promote your network but you could take credit for producing America's first totally diverse green neighborhood. :) I'm sorry, I made myself laugh on that one.

Then there is my daily rant, in my head, about the corporate idiot CEO's that manage to keep on with their arrogance and still keep their jobs. I love to rag on AIG but lately they've been keeping their heads down and have given me nothing, which in itself makes me nervous wondering what they are up to. Corpwatch lists them as number one on their top ten worst companies of 2008 list. Citicorp has been most in the news this week with the case of the appearing-disappearing 50 million private jet purchase.

One last thing...Madoff. Take him down to Gitmo and waterboard him until he gives up the offshore account numbers so all the rich people can get their money back and stop whining about having to take the subway for the first time, or having to let their "housekeepers" of 30 years go and all the other drivel coming from these people. While you at it load up the SEC too. Here's a list of his victims.

K, I'm done for today.


  1. Well, said, lady...well high blood pressure is lowering after reading this blog...:)

  2. You know, I've been meaning to tell you, it's just not healthy the way you hold everything inside and never let anyone know how you really feel. Haha! You go, girl! OH, and you should contact HGTV and try to sell them your idea. You've got a winner there!!