Monday, January 26, 2009

Pisser Mondays...

I was going to save this for last because I want you to read the entire post, but I can not get it out of my head. You know it's going to be a pisser Monday when:

The first thing you see when you open up your email and click on the Alternet notification for the day is this: "How Women Can Bleed Green." Now, it's been awhile since I needed these products but I was fascinated by the title so, much to my chagrin, I clicked on the link. The article speaks of how women are polluting the environment by using tampons, non-biodegradeable pads and the like and offers "greener" solutions. I thought surely this article was written by some perverted male. No, the author is female and apparently researched her topic with great enthusiasm. Click the links if you want the stats on how much women actually flush each year. This is where she got me:

"Most women are not aware that safe, ecologically sound, lower-priced alternatives exist."..."Word of mouth is vital."

"Most obvious among "green" alternatives are washable cloth pads and pantiliners. These are not your grandmother's cloth pads. Today they're available on the Internet and come in a wide variety of funky patterns and materials, from hemp to organic French terry cotton to microfleece.

Washing cloth pads is actually easy -- after rinsing and soaking them in a container of cold water with a secure lid, you can run them through the laundry and machine or line-dry them. Done.

If you are out or at work, you can store the used pads in a "wet" bag and soak them when you get home.

A few other useful sites are, and

So I thought, ok, I'll bite and try to keep an open mind. Maybe in my younger days I might have been open to the idea, for the sake of the planet and all, but the idea of having to carry the used ones around with me all day until I could get home and soak them, nixed that idea. You see, I never attracted a man in my life unless it was that time of the month so I know I must emit some powerful pheromones around that time. Can you imagine what would happen if I had an extra one in my little carry bag? I'd be like the pied piper of the menstruous cycle with men following me everywhere. On second thought...

Then there is the cup, which fits in your vagina and holds the entire day's flow until you can get home and empty it. Can you imagine trying to remove that thing without spilling a drop? either and as one who would never use OB tampons because they didn't have an applicator you can believe I would never be inclined to use a cup. I'd probably flush it down the toilet anyway and not only be out thirty bucks but then would have the guilt of knowing I just flushed something potentially dangerous to the environment down the toilet and had defeated the purpose. The Diva site seems to be the most extensive for this method, but there are others listed in the AlterNet article.

Ok, now that you are totally grossed out or totally enthralled...on to pisser Mondays

Most of you don't know I've been sick for about three weeks now. It started with my "gut" thing. I have "Barrett's Esophagus" which is a pre-cancerous condition caused by acid reflux, to put it simply. Basically when it flairs up it feels like you have a large brick right at your diaphragm and some idiot is punching you in the gut right where it is. Not fun. About the time I get that under control I get the crud. The sore throat, dry cough, stopped up nose, fever, etc. I call my doctor to find out when I can be seen only to find out she has flown the coop and ah, no, they don't have any idea where she went. Yeah, right. I am devastated. It takes me a long time to find a doctor I respect and who respects the fact that I know my body, my habits and my finances better than they ever will. This is generally what I want when I go in. I want six months of my medicine prescribed to me so I only have to fork out that office visit twice a year, because it's all I can scrape together and yes, that's going to include antibiotics. If I don't have them on a regular basis then I end up with the upper respiratory stuff that lands me in a $15,000 hospital room and I just can't have that. I want my inhalers (2) and any samples you might have of Lipitor and Caudet. With all that I can lead a pretty normal life. I don't need lectures or disapproving looks. Hell, I don't even want to discuss it at this point in my life. I've had ten good years with someone who took very good care of me and made all the discoveries that needed to be made and taught me how to deal with it all. But now I have to go through the endless struggle of trying to find and break in a new doctor who is going to decide that they need for me to start all over with the explanations and descriptions and such. How's that for a pisser.

The last pisser for the day has to do with travel, more specifically my route to take the boy to work and bring him home. It's a great route and involves very little traffic and early morning stress. I love it and it took us a minute to discover the best and quickest one. Well it seems as though MDOT has decided to kill it, at least for the time being. Granted, it's a needed improvement, but still...

So I'll leave you with that and hope that your day is off to a better start than mine :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so terrible. I was wondering about you.

    I've read into the luna pads and the diva cup (which is a big fat NO because I can't even stand tampons) and I just think it's too gross for me. You could always use disposable ones when you go out so you don't have to carry used ones around, but it's the idea of washing them that creeps me out. I do whatever else I can to reduce my trash, such as being conservative with paper towels, and all that, but I am only willing to go so far.

  2. Hi, my pissed off Sister-friend :) a side of our writing a book together we will struggle with docs, meds, and folks making changes that causes us to be pissed...and because you did not ask for it i am gonna give it any way...we will, i say we will, meet these challenges because: 1) we been there, done that and have t-shirts hanging in the closet; 2)the fact that we are able to be pissed off on any given day means we are capable of looking the "demons" that confront us in the eye, side step the attack and keep on doing what we have to do because we get another day to do what we have to do - LIVE! In this living we bitch, vent, cuss, shout out it isn't fair and we hate the "demons" that visit us - that's called being a human being...oh, but we face the challenges head on...with faith, believing our truths...we sometimes invite the demons in for coffee for about 3 mins and then we tell the demon to get the hell out of our house...we turn to a power greater than ourselves (I call him/her God) and surrender all that concerns us into His/Her care...then we take some deep breaths releasing all of our concerns to the God of our understanding.

    You, Dear Lady...will find a Doctor soon...until then do what you know to still and know that you are loved...

    Okay, okay...

  3. Heather-thanks for caring :) usually when I'm posting just posts with links in them and nothing personal or indepth is when I'm not feeling well. I was thinking about the pads a little further today and I decided maybe if I was raising a young girl I had to train I would start her out on the washable one's so that she could accommodate herself to doing it that way and then I thought about all the gross-related things I saw in the girl's bathroom in junior high and I re-thought that. but like I said, I don't have to worry about it anymore :)

    Amerah--thank you, my sister-friend, you always know what to say :)

  4. Where are you in the South? Both my Mom and Dad are from SC and AL, respectively so I understand that snow is not something typical for those parts!

    The teacher doesn't read directly from the book, it would actually be an improvement if she did! She's a young teacher and while she is smart, her vocabularly is veeeery limited - either that or she's nervous, I dont know!