Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, it's been a piss-poor week. Luckily we don't have any storm damage, yet. It's hanging over our heads like a big ole water balloon about to topple and splatter. Gustave just keeps hanging around. Leave already.

Found a really cool house. I haven't seen it yet but I've heard enough about it to know it's cool. It has a fenced in yard...yay! I feel a puppy in our future :) It has washer-dryer hookups, a must for me. I have slepped enough laundry in my day. When the boy was born I did it in the tub for the first year or so of his life. Did you know that your knuckles will bleed if you try to scrub stains out of jeans with your bare hands? I didn't :) Thank God, I was younger then :) Anyway the house has three bedrooms(yay! a designated computer/library room) and a big ole outdoor storage room, a back patio i think, living room, dining room and two...yes, i said, two bathrooms!!! OMG, I cannot tell you how much having two bathrooms will mean to us. I'm just going to say here that as you get older you just can't hold it like you could when you were younger...seems like nearly every morning I have to rush the boy out of the shower and this is only after considering all other possibilities ie, kitchen garbage, i don't think so....

oh, and I almost is a rent to own and the boy can own it in 9 years! He will be a homeowner at cool is that? Another great thing is the rent/ mortgage is only $50 more than we are paying now! Woo Hoo!!! It belongs to the sister in law of a friend of mine (you remember, the one who's daughter died recently?) and has been vacant for over a year and it does need some work but she said she's been paying two mortgages for over a year and just wants to get out from under it. Oh, and we will have two little old ladies next door to watch out for us...I love little old ladies! They will call us when and if the alarm goes off...did I forget to mention it has an alarm system!!! After having all our stuff ripped off over and over again by the little criminals around here it will be such a relief! It also has hardwood floors...under the carpet but she said we could rip out the carpet and refinish the floors and they should be great. She said she doesn't care what we do to it as long a we don't tear it up. I told her we were grown, that if the boy was still four I probably couldn't guarantee that because he's always needed to discover how things worked, no matter to what end :)

Speaking of the boy, he's taking his GED today, so if you read this in time pray for him. I think he'll do fine.

Oh, and after months and months of discouragement searching for a social work job that didn't require a masters, there were four in the paper this week! Entry level social work jobs! Geez, shouldn't be long now :)

It seems as though everything is coming together and we're getting all we wished for. I promised the Lord that I would not get distracted by a man this time and would finish my degree and do what He wants for me. I silently prayed for a husband if and when I finished, that would love us and be good for us both...He has given us so much, maybe that was too much to ask for? Oh, well, as the saying goes, "I'm old enough so my wants don't hurt much anymore" :)

k, so I've had my break now, off I go back to the 37 boxes of books that never got unpacked from the last move 9 years ago(and have been my bedroom decor). I refuse to move that many again. Hopefully I can knock it down to 10 or so...might be wishful thinking, but at the moment there is a four foot high pile that is going to Goodwill.

We're going to see the house this afternoon, wish us luck :)


  1. Good luck with everyone! You and your lad.. lots of thoughts in your direction. And a potential puppy-owning future.. very exciting :)

  2. Congrats, even if it was a piss-poor week, it appears things are looking up. Having two bathrooms is a blessing.

  3. Thanks, Blue :) I sure hope so.

  4. Oh my goodness. The rain you described is why I got sick of evacuating. The only good thing about being on the coast in a hurricane is that its over quickly, and when it is, you're already home! Good for you on your house though.I remembered when I graduated to a rental house with washer/dryer hookups - it was very exciting.

  5. Oh my how fabulous does that place sound?!! And your son took the GED? I'm so happy for you. My 19yo just got a job at a tire place. I'm happy he got a job and he's happy cuz he's had no money for a month.

    It all sounds nicely exciting. Makes me want to leave the y chromosomes home and come to visit!jffnyiq

  6. LA, the thing is that's there is at least two more days of the shit. in fact i woke up this morning to two pisser type things, pouring down rain and that ike, over night, turned into a category four hurricane...shoot. they did say that it looks as if he's made a slight turn north so maybe he want get to the warm waters of the gulf. i'm beginning to think that georgia must be the promised land because hurricanes hardly ever hit there. but they do have their share of crappy weather. they have scary whipping type tornadoes that are likely to spring up and fry your ass at a moments notice. the most scared of weather i have ever been was when i lived in georgia :) it wasn't until i lived there that i knew you could have a thunderstorm and snow at the same time. now that was scarey :) especially for someone from mississippi where it never snows and if it does it comes down all quiet and peaceful and is usually gone that afternoon :)
    Crazed mom, yep it's your kind of weather down here right now, you would feel right at home :) and you are welcome to leave the y's at home anytime and come on down :)

  7. Good luck with the move! And luck to the son on his GED.

  8. Thanks, reas! he was as brain dead as i have ever seen him when i picked him up yesterday :) he said he thought he did ok on it except for social studies which was the last one. after 8 hours of testing i can fully understand!

  9. Stay dry and good luck moving ... sounds like things are looing up in most areas!

    Hi from Speedy :-)

  10. i think i used to be more scared of the tornadoes in mississippi than i am of hurricanes now. maybe if there was such a thing as a hurricane siren, it would be worse!