Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grandad's Meme

Grandad over at Head Rambles woke up grouchy this morning and his post turned into this meme:

Grandad’s Meme
Name six people you would like to see smacked with a shovel/lump hammer.

Here's my six...

rosie o’donnell
elizabeth hasselbeck
bush/cheney as one
katie couric
elizabeth hasselbeck
anyone with the last name lohan

yeah, i think you are supposed to tag some people but since I have precious few readers and don't want to lose the meme if it would make you feel better this morning :)


  1. Are Bush and Cheney really the one person or do they suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder?

    I'm not normally this grumpy, by the way. I'm usually worse.

  2. Actually cheney is the dominant personality so who knows... bush is pretty weak. I would just like to line 'em up together and whack 'em with one big whack.

  3. You forgot John McCain, Sarah Palin, Joe Lieberman and Oprah.

  4. oh, i could have listed for days but was trying to keep it to six...which was very hard to do :) and you're right i did forget palin...amazing how she just slipped my mind. i hope she does so with everyone else as easily. 7 million dollars for a book deal my a**!

  5. yep, it's true :) guess it will be 400 pages of "you betcha's"