Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Short Rant...

Two or three years ago the treehuggers (or drug companies) decided that albuterol inhalers were a major contributing factor in global warming (in fact, they made it sound like it was the single most detrimental contributing factor) because they are powered by chlorofluorocarbons which deplete ozone in the high atmosphere and as usual have decided to push us into using a completely ineffectual product, an inhaler powered by hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) compounds.

First, I think this is just the drug companies wanting to finance a new product and needing us to do it for them. Second, I do not now nor will I ever understand how an inhaled drug that goes directly into your mouth and subsequently your lungs contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer. But, as of January 2009, I will be forced to use an HFA type inhaler, against my will.

Here is where I want to tell you a story. I was at a human resources agency a couple of months ago and while I was waiting to be seen I was talking to this elderly lady and her son and her social worker. During the course of this conversation I watched this woman try to get enough medication from her HFA inhaler to get some relief (at least ten attempts). As far as I could tell she never did. Why, you ask? Because these types of inhalers do not propel the medication to where it needs to be. It merely goes to the back of the throat and stays there, never reaching the lungs. The only thing it does is cause throat irritation, which can lead to upper respiratory infections which are very bad for people already suffering from breathing difficulties.

And now, here is the absolute best part...now, they are saying that we have to wash the damn thing regularly because not only are they outrageously expensive but without the washing they can clog and only deliver about half of their entire prescribed amount. That's for a 200 actuation metered inhaler, only about 100 gets delivered. They can also clog and only deliver partial doses at a time. Do you hear me swearing? Wash a friggin inhaler whose cap has always been on when not in use and then only by me?

I have avoided talking about this subject because I have been in denial plus I figured other people would be as livid as I was and do something about it...complain...and complain loudly. As always the masses have simply accepted what the drug companies have forced on us and not said a word. Well I'm saying it and saying it as loudly as my little blog will allow. I-DO-NOT-WANT-AN-HFA-INHALER!!!!! End rant.

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  1. I don't know the difference. What do the new ones look like? My daughter has to use an albuterol inhaler.

  2. if she uses one on a regular basis then chances are they have already switched her to one. they generally have HFA written on them somewhere. they look the same as always. the one's i've encountered except for the proventil one have an attached cap...i guess so you won't lose it. the only other two i've encountered are the ventolin which was actually pretty good for an HFA inhaler and proair which was total crap and was in fact the type the little old lady was trying to get relief from that day. i never got any relief from it either and I had the power to get the stuff all the way down. really if your daughter has one though she should have been counseled by the pharmacist or her doctor in how to use it and the differences.

  3. HFA inhalers do not work unfortunately

    Read the thousands of complaints:

    This particular petition has 4000 signatures and is growing everyday. There are also many complaints at consumer affairs:


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    If you are unhappy with the new HFA inhalers, kindly sign the petition to save CFC inhalers.

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