Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh, Dear Refrigerator, Why Can't You Cook?

Or you could call this post, plainly and simply...procrastination. I was on a roll yesterday. Today, however, is a totally different story. I-just-don't-wanna-do-anything...

The greens are washed and in the fridge. The sweet potatoes are baked and in the fridge waiting to be made into the casserole. The cranberry sauce is chilling. The marshmallow/pineapple stuff has been made and is in the fridge. The pie crusts are done and in the freezer waiting... the cornbread has been made. All the spices are out on the counter, so I won't forget one. The giblets are all done and cut a bag in the fridge. The stock is in the fridge waiting for me to skim the grease off of it. The recipes are all laid out. The turkey is in the sink, in cold water, waiting for it's new batch of cold water to help it thaw so it can be salted overnight. The rolls are in the freezer, ready to go. All the dishes are done, the last load is waiting to be put up. The stove and oven are clean. The counters are all clean and the floor has been mopped. There are two loads of laundry waiting to be put up and another in the dryer waiting to be folded and put up. The cat box has been changed and all the garbage is at the road waiting on pickup, then the cans need to be brought back to the garage.

So...I could go take a nap, huh? You know the only thing I hate about doing all this? I'm starving, the fridge is chock full and there's nothing to eat. But I do it all for the boy. It's what he lives for (not really, but his feelings would be terribly hurt if I didn't do it) and really the only thing he asks of me. It makes it all worthwhile when he comes home from work and tells me they had their Thanksgiving dinner at work yesterday and sighs and says "mom, you sure have me spoiled" :)

I'm thinking, a grilled cheese sounds pretty good about now, so I'm going to go do that then chill and watch the View and some soap operas for a bit before I get back at it. I think I've earned it, don't you?


  1. A grilled cheese is most definitely the way to follow up all that cooking. I LOVE them. I don't have to do dinner this year, just dessert.

    I made four different ones.

  2. mmm, mmm, what kind did you make. i personally live for the pies :)

  3. Sounds like a winner to me...I'm sure "the Boy" will enjoy every bite...strange thing though...I never ever heard you say anything about your expert cooking...learn something new aboutcha every day...huh,huh, huh - the girl can cook (hee, hee, hee...howbout putting some in the freezer for me when I come, I am not from the state of "show me"...but, you know, I just need to taste and see for my self...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and "the boy"!

  4. probably the reason is because i really don't enjoy it since mama died. we used to get in there and giggle and sweat and cuss and giggle some more and just generally have a grand ole time and in between all that we would get drunk and try to kill each other playing rummy. it was really funny...the drunker we'd get the more cards we would decide we needed to begin with to play rummy, then it would deteriorate into major cheating and stealing each other's cards. It's one of my fondest memories of her :) can't do that with the boy, nor do i want to. i think we have a better holiday with no cussing, no cheating or any of the other various deteriorations, but it was fun back in the day. oh, and i will save you some...when you coming? i was hoping yesterday that you were going to make it down here sometime before christmas...

  5. Soon...I'll let you know - sounds like good memories of you and your mom :)

    Hugs and smooches to you and "the boy"...

    P.S. We must discuss you calling da-man "the boy...:)

  6. We're a hearts family. And those games are brutal. My mom doesn't even play any more.

    Desserts: pumpkin roll, chocolate chip cream cheese bread, gingerbread cookies garnished with semisweet chocolate and Forgotten Kisses--a meringue cookie with chocolate chips and walnuts.

  7. Ok, from now on he will officially be called da-man, maybe...he'll always be my precious baby boy though...oh, and you might want to stop in at Reas's when you go see your children out west. She's only hinted at her cooking skills before but those desserts have my mouth watering. I love those Forgotten Kisses, but have never had the nerve to attempt anything meringeu-like...mmm mmm scary!

    So Reas if we ever do have a get together in say the big're bringing the desserts right?

  8. It's what my mother always assigns to me, so I can do that, yes. I love to bake.

    Meringue is easy once you get the hang of it. If you have an electric mixer you're golden. Just get the egg whites room temp and add a WEE bit of cream of tartar to them. Mix at medium speed for about 30 seconds, then rev it all the way up. You have to add sugar to them, of course. 1 cup of sugar to 3 egg whites.

    Those cookies are so easy to cook: Put them in a pre-heated oven (350) and turn the oven off. Leave overnight and the next morning they're ready. They're always the last thing I do.

  9. i have an electric mixer that has two speeds, fast and wipeout fast :) also have cream of tarter that has never been opened but is about five(maybe)years old...ya think it's still ok? :) told you I was scared of it :) do you use medium or large eggs? i just might get up the nerve to try it. you make it sound so easy :)

  10. I promise, it's easy. I think all spices and seasonings have a shelf life, but if it's never been opened, it should be fine. Plus, it's not absolutely required.


    3 egg whites, room temp Medium or large.
    1 cup sugar for large eggs, 3/4 c for medium
    1/8 tsp cream of tartar
    1 c each choc. chips and chopped walnuts BUT, you can use whatever you want.

    Beat the eggs as I informed up there--add sugar slowly after about 90 seconds of beating. Beat until they form "stiff peaks", which can take a while. Don't give up! Stir in the goodies and spoon the cookies on a pan. This will make anywhere from a dozen to 20 depending on how generous with the spooning you are.

    Line the pan with parchment, wax paper, or brown grocery bags to keep the cookies from sticking. Do NOT use butter or Pam--the fat will cause the meringue to fall.

    Meringue isn't baking, it's voo-doo, just like making fudge. I can make ONE good batch of fudge a year--the first batch--and then it's all downhill.

    Go for it! They're so yummy.

  11. Happy Turkey Day, Prin! I hope that you had a great day with the boy. You officially deserve a break.

  12. thanks, t! yeah, i have the house to myself football...Yea! but of coarse he left me to clean it all up :) that's ok though 'cause there wasn't much because this time i cleaned as i went. Yea me :) i hope you had a great t-day too!

  13. I cooked my ass off today. When it was all done I couldn't even bear to look at it, much less eat it! Happy Thanksgivng, my friend. Hugs!

  14. oh, I've been there! Happy T-day to you too! :)

  15. just getting back from Alabama where we celebrated Thanksgiving with my daughter and her family...and where I "caught" the flu/cold from my greatgrand son...had a wonderful time...back home nursing whatever this monster is. Reading Reas's meringue recipe brought back some "old" memories...before there were hand mixer (we called them egg beaters:) we used a large plate to hold the egg whites and beat the egg whites with 2 spoons held know, tilt the plate a litte on the side whip the egg whites until meringue would not fall off the plate when you held it upside down...good memories - my grands still ask me to teach them how to do it...of course I do...:)...

    looking forward to coming home this month...i'll let you know. I know that "the boy" is excited that he will be addressed as DA MAN (HEE, HEE, HEE)...cause he is...