Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hey, AIG...Stop Lurking!

Over the course of these past few days since I posted about your recent escapades you have lurked around on my site over five times and if the last time I posted is any indication, you will be here many more times before all is said and done. I already know you have people dedicated to find out what is being written about you in the blogosphere, hence..."AIG Blog Relations".

If you have a new justification for why, at the same time you were begging us to give you yet another 40 billion, your executives were yet again, getting spa treatments, playing golf, and god only knows what else, then speak up. Oh, and not the same ole, same ole...I already heard your latest justification on the news. Which by the way did not really explain why you felt the need to hide the fact that you were having a conference in a posh resort.

Believe me I do understand that your executives might need some stress relief. I need the same stress relief every time I have to go to the grocery store and stand there in the isle trying to decide what I have coupons for, whether I can afford that big pack of friggin hamburger meat or if I have to forego that because we need toilet paper or laundry soap, then I too, feel that same aching need for a deep tissue massage or a nice relaxing round of golf....friggin, not...

You say some of your employees have been receiving death threats? I am not surprised. There are so many people out there who have lost everything and are finding it hard to even get in to a food bank so they can feed their children. I understand your arrogance and complete disregard for others will not allow you to comprehend this scenario, but you need to hear me when I say...You People Need to Stop! Don't you have friggin conference rooms in your own corporate building? Have you ever heard of catering? Or better yet, pot luck? Somehow, in the middle of my rant, I just laughed out loud at that vision....corporate execs in $5000 suits schlepping a big ole' crock pot of beef stew all the way from the parking garage...cracks me up...

In my world one does not spend money one does not have. One does not buy that new pair of shoes if one's rent has to be paid or one's children have to be fed. One does not go on vacation, even a learning one, if one is begging the government and the taxpayers to pull one out of the friggin jam their own arrogance got them into.

I'm sure in your mind you think I could not possibly know what I am talking about or truly understand the scope of the situation, so that is why I'm asking you to stop lurking and justify yourself....


  1. Maybe they could save money by not having people who's job it is to stalk blogs to see what's being said about them.

  2. ya think? it's not just one person. there were at least 20 visits yesterday. they're lurking from all over the country. one is even sitting up in a sheraton(slumming i guess) in maryland, getting updates and then checking it out. geez...

  3. Hey maybe I'll write something about them on my site, and it'll bump up my hits. LOL Not.