Thursday, November 13, 2008

Switching Gears--Postcards from Amerah

This arrived this morning from my dearest friend Amerah. After yesterday, I really needed to see some beauty in this world. Aside from the beauty of the subject, the Obama's love story, this has got to be Clay Aiken's best work.


  1. Wow- this was a touching video and the song was beautiful and very appropriate. The singer was excellent also. I may check out the rest of clay Aikens cD

  2. Beautiful First family, images and song. Thanks for sharing.

  3. it just brought tears to my eyes :) thanks for commenting!

  4. The Obamas have given this nation hope again.

    Lovely song to accompany this beautiful portrait of a warm and loving family. God Bless them!

  5. I agree that this was Aiken's best work; from a social point of view, check out the lyrics to "Grace of God" and "As Long As We're Here."

    The terrible thing is that this was his WORST selling album to date. It has slowly been making it's way to being heard through YouTube videos like this one.

    Labels don't seem to back meaningful work anymore.