Sunday, February 22, 2009

Angry Social Worker :)

Now, this is funny. As usual during my morning routine, yes, even on Sundays, I check my stats. Normally, I just flit through it, unless something catches my eye. Like someone spending 30 minutes and looking at all my pages. That makes me feel like I've made a contribution and I swell with pride. Mostly, people land on my page looking for "fried cornbread" or lately, the stimulus package rehash.

The most enjoyable part of checking the stats is finding out what people type into the search engine to get to my page. This morning they typed in "Angry Social Worker" and, you guessed it, there I was at the very top of the search engine page. Go see for yourself.

It used to worry me when, even if they typed in my entire blog name, they had to wade through several pages to get to the actual link for my site. Now, not so much. Once you have made it in the "fried cornbread" arena what else can you ask for?

Now, I did not consider myself an "angry social worker" at first glance. Then I took another look at my posts. Yep, I guess I am angry or at least I write as though I am. I just feel as though we, as social workers, sometimes get used to the status quo, in a sense. We begin to feel a hopelessness after awhile and think, consciously or subconsciously, wtf? I just refuse to get to that place. So shoot me, I'm angry about all the injustices/abuses in the world and I'm angry about politicians lying to me, even the one's I love and respect and I'm angry that today, or in the next day or two, the cost of the war in Iraq counter will flip over 600 billion dollars and it was basically all for nothing. Just what did we gain with this war? If we wanted to get rid of Saddam, the CIA could have done that, God knows, getting rid of leaders we don't want in power anymore is basically their calling.

Angry Social Worker? Yeah, I have to deal with that label... :)

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