Monday, February 9, 2009

Republicans are Gutting the Stimulus Bill

Click the title link for CNN's review of the cuts...In the words of jurrassicpork over at Brilliant at Breakfast:

"Trillions for the Iraq war, Wall Street and tax cuts for the already bloated? Priceless.

Fuck getting a handle on crime, fuck overhauling the criminal justice system, fuck the sick and poor, fuck our children, fuck the farmers, fuck the environment, fuck science, fuck national security, essentially fuck any and every program and foundation dedicated to anything remotely akin to a progressive or even a pragmatic cause. The minority, I repeat, the minority Republican party screamed their heads off demanding this "pork" got hacked out of the bill. The Democrats caved in to them because they cannot do shit unless they have a 60% majority in the Senate. Vote them out. Vote their fat bipartisan asses out of Congress at the earliest available opportunity before they kill you in one way or another."

An email from Helen Updike:

A good discussion of the issue is in today's NYTimes by Paul Krugman. You can go onto, register, it's free, and search in the window at the top left for "The Destructive Center."

Call your Congressperson. Call both your Senators. Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter. Every call will help. Calls to Republicans will help more, but let everyone on Capitol Hill know that we are Obama supporters, we care, we are paying attention, and we will remember.

House main number: 202 225 3121
Senate main number: 202 224 3121

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