Sunday, February 15, 2009

Now See...

After having my rear end chewed royally, about my weight, smoking, coffee and everything else I do, I run across this picture and after days of chicken soup, yogurt and saltines it looks really good...I know it would kill me but still... The only problem with it is that it needs to be on a bed of crispy fries covered with spicy chili and the whole thing covered in cheese with a side of ice cold beer :)

Hot dog surrounded by ground beef surrounded by bacon

Oh well, I can dream....


  1. cb, i worried when i put this up there, thinking it would make you sick :) going to have to start calling you homegirl :)

    heather--- :) I knnnnoooowwww!!! i knew you'd love it. you know i subscribed to the site's feed and get these pictures every day. it's funny to me that nearly every picture that people send into "this is why you're fat" has something to do with bacon...go figure :)