Saturday, February 21, 2009


You know, this never ceases to amaze me. I had over 400 visitors this week thanks to my posts on the stimulus package. Yep, it was right up there with "Clay Aiken" :) Now, out of those 400 visitors, most just took what they needed and left quietly. This is ok with me because, well, you know, this is what I do...inform. It is my duty to keep you, my readers, informed.

Why is it the one's who feel compelled to call you a pinko, marxist socialist always comment? Oh, and these are the one's who take the time to look at your profile page to find out your email address so they can personally insult if the comment they left weren't enough or that you would not get the point they were trying to make.

No, I'm not going to publish that comment where it was submitted, but since I know you are curious and they did take a good swipe at social workers in general while they were at it I'll publish this excerpt, so you can get pissed too. :)

zendrive says in the comment:

"Your blog should be called pinks list.

This is much bigger than demicans vs. republicrats. I know your entire life as a social worker revolves around taking from those who can to give to those who can't, but I really dont want to pay the mortgage of losers, illegal aliens and the greedy fucks who gave them loans."

zendrive says in the email:

"Nice blog. Way to support the next Marxist, socialist revolution underway in this country."

What exactly is "zen" about that? I'd be willing to bet they have a swastika tatoo somewhere....


  1. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives. I, for one, love and appreciate the commitment and work you have and do put in on maintaining these sites and information sources. I expect the comments wouldn't be so virulant if people had to leave their postal addresses and real names when commenting. It's just so easy to take a shot with the cloak of anonymity.

  2. thanks, cb! it's always great to hear that you are appreciated :) oh, and i do have his email address...i just don't think he deserves an answer and i certainly don't feel a need to justify myself to this wingnut. :)

  3. Some love to take shots at those who are doing good work. I'd recommend taking it as a compliment. :)

  4. Thanks, ASW, now that you've said it...i believe i will :)

  5. Aww, Anti--you took the wind out my sails. That was going to be MY response.

  6. As an MSW student; I have learned to take things like this as a compliment as well. We're doing what Zen and his ilk won't. We take the time to get to know those who he calls 'losers', heaven forbid we actually have a society people are willing to give up their lives, subject themselves to persecution and poverty JUST to come here. We get to know them in the lowest point in their lives. Usually after someone like him has crushed their lives or spirits under the heels of of their jack-boots.

    As for the "next Marxist, Socialist Revolution"... VIVE LA REVOLUTION!

  7. Just remember those are the same people who are always screaming about "somebody should do something about the homeless" or "how did that kid get stuck in that foster home" or "he LOOKS able bodied to me, why doesn't he just go out and get a job!"

    Social Work is a thankless job. You're expected to "fix" all of those people and situations that other people find uncomfortable to even look at half the time. And you're expected to do it with no money, no resources and no back up from society as a whole. Then, if you don't do it in a way they feel appropriate due to that lack of money, lack of resources, and lack of societal support - YOU are the one at fault.

    I'm with John up there. VIVE LA REVOLUTION!

    And it is a compliment. Because if you shake them up enough to make them think and get them out of their comfort zone, maybe, just maybe, it will make a difference!

  8. Thanks, J & L and all of you for being on my team :)