Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Time to Say Thanks...or Not

The Coalition on Human Needs has great new pages up. Here's their latest email:

"It's time to say thanks.

This is a historic achievement - both because of what it does now and what it means for the future.

This economic recovery legislation will put people to work or keep them at work in jobs the nation needs: teaching, renovating schools, making public buildings and homes more energy efficient, maintaining roads, providing health care, modernizing information systems, caring for children, and much, much more. (See how many jobs in your state: AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT: STATE-BY-STATE JOBS IMPACT)

This legislation will prevent hunger and homelessness. It will help the unemployed, and put income in the hands of the poor and the near poor. It provides a lifeline to states, allowing them to prevent deep cuts in health care and education. It uses the power of the federal government to invest in our future while addressing today's harsh needs.

For more than a year, the Coalition on Human Needs has with your help put forward recommendations for a Shared Recovery. Now the nation has the makings of one. Nearly every component of our proposals has been adopted, and other proposals of great benefit to low-income people in addition to what we called for. Here's a listing of important shared recovery provisions in the new law:

Please thank your Representative and Senators who voted for the bill - and express your disappointment to those who opposed it.
We've made it easy to do - just follow these steps:

1) see how your Representative and Senators voted:

House roll call vote
Senate roll call vote: (Please note: because of his illness, Senator Kennedy missed this vote, knowing there would be enough votes for final passage in his absence. But he heroically interrupted his recuperation to vote for the bill at a critical earlier time. He emphatically deserves our thanks.)

2) If your Representative and Senators voted for the legislation, click here to send a thank you note

3) If they voted against it, click here to tell them you think they made the wrong choice

And while you're at it, send a letter to the editor about the importance of this vote:

Why we're asking you to say thanks (or to express disappointment), and to be public about it:

* The right wing is attacking this vote. They are betting on a continuing severe recession, and will blame those who have taken action to turn the economy around.
* If elected officials think that the only passion around this legislation is among opponents, they may be afraid to cast votes in the future that make similarly historic and far-reaching investments.
* Didn't your mother always tell you to say thanks? And to hold our leaders accountable? (Maybe she forgot to mention that second one - just an oversight.)

Is this legislation perfect? No - what is? But it includes vital help you and we have worked hard for. If more is needed, Congress will be far more likely to vote for it if their constituents applaud their actions."

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