Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Obameter

Personally I think it should be The Obamameter but what do I know....

Today I'm feeling pretty screwed when it comes to the stimulus package so I've looked up Obama's campaign promises and how he is doing on them. This is when I ran across the PolitiFact Site sponsored by The St. Petersburg Times. The title link will take you to the page that lists all of Obama's campaign promises. There are 510 promises and 26 pages in the list. This page has a nice little chart/scorecard that I wish they had a widget for. It looks like this only nicer:

The Obameter Scorecard

* Promise Kept 7

* Compromise 1

* Promise Broken 1

* Stalled 1

* In the Works 22

* No Action 478

I really want someone to tell me where a fully trained but apparently unemployable 54 year old white woman with no personal income, no health insurance and no assets fits into this new stimulus package? It appears upon reading that the same income levels that have always gotten help have received even more help this time around. I could have sworn during the campaign that Obama promised help for the rest of us. All I see are tax cuts, albeit expanded, for those with an income and increased benefits for those who qualify for state aid. What about those of us smack in the middle? I thought that was what all the campaign promises were about... Did I miss something? Was I having a senior moment throughout the campaign? Or am I just being to impatient? Frustrated?

I swear I'm to the point that if I can't find a job then I believe I will go on out to DHS and apply for services. Maybe when they find out I have a degree and a license, rather than give me food stamps they will give me a job...It's just an idea...they sure aren't listing those jobs on the state personnel board.

Oh, and don't think that "Making Work Pay" part of the package is anything to write home about...it's a measly $400 bucks phased in, or out, depending on how you look at it, over the course of the entire year as a tax reduction.

Ok, that's my rant for the day...


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