Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Conversation with the Boy...

Yesterday, I finally had enough strength to go brave Wal-Mart to get that $107 dollar inhaler I was prescribed. I took a shower, got dressed, picked up the boy from work knowing he had worked 7 days straight and there was no amount of pleading that would talk him into going with me, so resigned to the fact I had to go I dropped him off at home and braved it. It was amazingly not too crowded and considering I was psychotic on prednisone all went amazingly well.

So I get home, the boy meets me at the door to help me unload the stuff....kind of unusual but I didn't think anything of it at the time. Start supper and sit down at the computer...

ticktickticktick...cursor is freaking out and explorer is coming up on it's own telling me it can't find s**t...not a good sign.

Me: What's wrong with the computer?

Him: I don't know it just started doing that

Major fight with all the pages coming up, trying to get the virus scan to come up. Start the scan.

Twenty minutes later...

Me: Where did you go on the internet?

Him: I just typed the stuff in google and it started doing that.

Me: What?


Results of the scan...Trojan, virus, recycler and a bunch of other low risk stuff.

By this time a friend of the boy's has come over to hang out.


Him: I found this bug at the hotel today and I wanted to make sure it wasn't a bed bug. (A little explanation is necessary...The Dixie National Rodeo has been in town for two or three weeks...we refer to these people as "the horse people" but that's a different story) So I looked up "horse bugs"

Me: horse bugs?

Him: yep (oh, so innocently)

Me: and where did that take you?

Those innocent eyes crinkled up at me and he laughingly said


Me: HORSE PORN??? What in the hell is horse porn? you didn't click on it did you?

Him: (still laughing) yes I did, I couldn't help it (rolling off the bed onto the floor) (friend starts mocking and making fun of him)It's a site showing horses having sex.

Me: Why didn't you just say that?

Him: I didn't want to admit it...I knew I would never live it down

At this point I had to laugh too, even though I knew I would be working on getting rid of whatever "Horse Porn" put on my computer for days to come, because, you know what? I probably would have clicked on it myself mainly because friggin "Horse Porn" would have never in a million years crossed my mind....some people are just really twisted, huh?


  1. I would have clicked on it too, I admit it, I click on ANYTHING. Did he find out what kind of bug it was?

  2. nah, i don't think so. i'm pretty sure after it started freaking out on him he started trying to fix it before i got home to discover where he'd been :)