Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beijingers told to mind their manners

At first read this was hilarious, then I started might be nice if we all lived our lives with these guidelines :)

"1) Don't pick your nose, yawn, shout, pull at your clothes, pull at your fingernails or scratch your head when talking to foreigners

2) Show your most civilized face

3) In conversation, wear a smile, don't stare to long or do anything to make people feel ill at ease

4) Subjects to avoid include what foreigners earn or how much they spend, how old they are, whether they are married and whether they are healthy

5) Also off-limits are questions about where foreigners live, where they have worked, their religious or political beliefs, or what they are currently doing.

6) Be careful when being interviewed by foreign journalists during the Olympics

7) Don't say or do anything that harms national prestige, the country's image or national security.

8) Before you help [a disabled person], first of all get their agreement and co-operation. Absolutely do not use force or be too enthusiastic

9) Do not to barge onto buses and trains"


  1. I like the first one.. I'd like them to have that one on the public transport system here in London (obviously without the when-talking-to-foreigners bit!).
    Number 8 about being 'too enthusiastic' in giving help conjured up some wonderful mental images..

  2. yeah, for me too...after i re-read it i wonder what they are allowed to talk about...i gues it's ok to say "nice weather we're having?

  3. I like thinking about what it means to "show your most civilized face." Great find, Prin! I'm glad much of what you post brings some lightness into our dialogue.