Tuesday, July 29, 2008


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"generationFIVE envisions a future in which child sexual abuse no longer occurs.
In this vision, the intergenerational impact of child sexual abuse is interrupted and mended.

In this vision, the impact of trauma does not keep us from actualizing our individual and collective potential. Instead, collective healing supports our creativity and resilience.

In this vision, the conditions that allow child sexual abuse to occur are transformed in such a way that child sexual abuse and other forms of violence become uncommon rather than ever more common.

In this vision, free from the conditions that allow so much violence to occur, children, adults, families, and communities have lives and relationships that are safe, loving, and healthy. They live in a world liberated from the effects of violence and oppression. They live in a world that is just and sustainable.

In this vision, we can all contribute to ending child sexual abuse and other forms of violence because we can all participate in personal, community and political change.

Whether you have a history of child sexual abuse, are a parent, a community member, a person who has sexually abused children in the past, a service provider, a social justice activist and/or are part of a community organization, please join us in this radical approach to uprooting child sexual abuse.

generationFIVE supports and develops liberatory approaches to responding to and preventing violence.

generationFIVE addresses child sexual abuse where it happens most - in our families and communities.

generationFIVE believes that society can become less violent, and that the majority of people who sexually abuse children can change. Child sexual abuse is not "human nature."

generationFIVE addresses the traumatic impact of child sexual abuse on individuals, families and communities while supporting individual and collective resilience.

generationFIVE understands that child sexual abuse is one of many forms of violence that promote domination and institutionalized oppression.

generationFIVE sees connections between intimate, community and State violence and systemic oppression.

generationFIVE works to change the relations of power, community beliefs and practices as well as the social conditions and State violence that allow child sexual abuse to occur.

generationFIVE understands that ending child sexual abuse requires both personal and political transformation. Social justice and justice for individuals who experience violence are connected, reliant on each other, and mutually reinforcing. By creating the world we want to live in, child sexual abuse is less likely to occur. By addressing individual instances of child sexual abuse, we help to create the world in which we want to live."

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