Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Firefox 3--Please Help!!

If anyone out there has downloaded Firefox 3 and can help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated!

I can't say I've always been happy with Firefox but for the most part it is so much better than Explorer that it makes it's little quirks bearable. At least until a few days ago when I upgraded from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3.

#1 problem: It apparently is not recognizing dark blogs. At first I thought it was just my blues page until I went on other dark sites and had the same thing happen. It will not allow sound to be played, from the finetune player or from the youtube videos...not good for a blues site. It is not recognizing the site's address apparently because I tried changing the template and that didn't work. I know it is a Firefox problem because I can listen to the videos and the player just fine with Explorer and from my desktop. This is very frustrating!

#2 problem: When I go to bookmark a site it is not letting me choose which folder I want to put the potential bookmark in. It tells me "site bookmarked" wtf! I have well over a hundred folders in my bookmarks. If it was bookmarked, where the hell did it go? It goes to the very bottom of the bookmarks list! It takes me nearly a full minute to get to the bottom of this list and then another minute to get back to where I was. I realize I'm a little strange with all the bookmarks I have and lately I have been trying to clean them up but this will take forever going like this. If I'm working on something I liked the old way that would let me keep the top 5 folders I was working on in the drop-down menu, let me create another folder if I needed to and easily flip back and forth between folders. This really sucks...

Firefox 3 has basically shut me down...or right now I feel like it has, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to fire away before I lose it here....
ok, crap...just checked the finetune player on this page and it won't play on here either...OMG I don't wanna have to go back to using Explorer!!! WWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!


  1. I really wish I could help but I'm a bit of a techno-dunce. I have got firefox 3. I didn't notice the sound thing until you pointed it out. I am sure I've had the music playing from other sites but it might be the dark thing.
    and as for bookmarks, I have all mine in delicious now.. so I wouldn't have noticed.
    I'm really sorry that was no help whatsoever. Hopefully someone more accomplished will be along soon..

  2. you're not too much of a "technodunce" if you have all your bookmarks in delicious! I never really got the hang of that site especially not to the point to where I could put all my bookmarks on it. Thanks for wanting to help, makes me feel a little better anyway :)

  3. I live with a geek, but without being able to clack on your personal keyboard, I'm not sure there's much we can do.

    The good news is you can Google to your heart's content. There are any number of message boards out there that exist soley for the purpose of trouble shooting. If nothing else, try going to Firefox's site.

    I've 3 now and haven't encountered any trouble thus far. Knock on wood.

  4. Reas, could you go to my blues site and see if you can hear sound on it with the finetune player and the youtube videos and get back to me. I just want to make sure it's firefox and not me. I don't see how it could be me since I can hear sound with explorer. I was thinking today that maybe finetune and youtube haven't gotten their firefox 3 plugin fixit thingy yet, but then why would it tell me "this website does not supply identity information" and what does that have to do with my not being able to hear sound. I can't hear sound from the player on this site either...this is so frustrating!

  5. Sorry! Just now reading this, otherwise I would have gone over there and checked things out. Looks like you got it up and running, which is a good thing.