Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The University of Hull: Best Practice Guide for Disabled Social Work Students and Placements

Ok, I know this is somewhat old in terms of the virtual world, but still it is still cool. Click the title link to be taken to their homepage. I have also added the full report in the "toolboxes" sidebar. Here is an excerpt taken from their background page:

"Improving access for disabled students to courses within Higher Education is a priority. This is particularly the case for professional training programmes such as Social Work. Students are supported on campus by Disability Services. However, questions remain about the adequacy of placement support for disabled students.

The project seeks to address these questions and has a particular focus on students whose needs are 'unseen'. These include dyslexia (the most prominent declared disability in HE, mental health problems, visual or hearing impairments. They can also include medical conditions such as epilepsy, arthritis, diabetes and asthma.

The project will focus on identifying any challenges that social work students face on placement as well as exploring positive experiences of support.
Aims and Objectives

1) To identify any opportunities and barriers in relation to the learning of social work students with unseen disabilities on practice placement from the perspectives of disabled students, practice placement co-ordinators, practice teachers and disability support staff.

2) To co-ordinate and deliver a learning support service to social work students with disabilities on practice placement.

3) To identify examples of good practice in supporting the learning needs of students with unseen disabilities on placement.

4) To produce and disseminate a Best Practice guide to ensure effective and consistent learning support of disabled students undertaking professional education."

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