Thursday, July 31, 2008

NEA Unveils Education Plan to Reshape Federal Role in Education

I subscribe to several "Google Alerts." One for social work, one for the congressional caucus and one for feminism, oh, and one for KoKo Taylor, but that's beside the point. They alert me whenever someone in the blogosphere is writing about the subject and gives me a snippet of what they have written. All I have to say is, boy, people are pissed about the NEA's new plan. I don't have the time to re-find them for you but I thought you might like to read the entire plan for yourself. The entire pdf file can be found here. The title link will take you to the NEA's synopsis.

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  1. So, have you gotten a sense for who is critiquing this? For the sake of my husband, who is a teacher, I skimmed it. I guess I don't know enough about education policy to pick up on what iss upsetting people and who is getting upset.