Thursday, July 10, 2008


For eleven days now I have been reading the comments on Dr. Rob's now famous post "Shame." I will let you click and read for yourself as I am too tired now to re-hash it for you. Suffice it to say that it is about the treatment of the morbidly obese by the medical community, although it started out innocently enough with only how he treats his patients, it snowballed all the way to a New York Times article on it, complete with many more pages of comments. God love him...I doubt he expected this sort of commotion when he wrote that innocent, honest post, but as usual people jumped on it and hijacked it for their own agenda etc., etc.

I have made my suggestion for alleviating the problem and truly hope someone takes the bait and runs with it. My answer? The provision of water aerobic programs throughout the universe. I truly believe that if doctor's (especially in rural communities) in particular were to use their influence for the greater good it could spark a nationwide even universal approach to obesity.

Water aerobics combined with the Health at Every Size teaching module could virtually eliminate the problem.

This is just my humble opinion.....


  1. It's a great opinion and I agree with it! I sent you an email with my address but I am not sure if you got it. Let me know!

  2. I didn't get it. But for about the past two weeks I haven't even been looking at my junk mail, just deleting it. So if it went there it got deleted. I'm so sorry...Please send it again.

  3. Thanks for the direction to that post. It was wonderful. As to how to "solve" the obesity problem, I have no clue. I worked with a young man who was quite big and I didn't bother to talk about his size. As if he didn't know that and already been told how to "fix" it. It's always more complicated than simply exercising more, IMO.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree. I used to smoke (1 year smoke-free as of today) and I know I HATED it when people would see me smoking and say, "You know you need to quit that." I asked someone once, "I'm sorry, have I met you before? No? Then how can you tell me what I need to do?" They walked away really fast.

    I know that's not the issue here, but the Dr. did touch on that briefly as a similar issue.

    I think nothing really works if it's always a struggle - you have to be able to incorporate whatever your plan is comfortably into your life. One should strive for overall health- and it's nice to see that good doctors are out there to help.