Tuesday, July 15, 2008

President Bush Please Stay Out of My Reproductive Organs!

Got this email from Naral today. Will January never get here? Click the title link for the New York Times article. Please use the widget in the left sidebar to voice your opinion.

"Just hours ago The New York Times reported that the Bush administration is proposing a new regulation that could discourage doctors and health-care clinics from providing birth control to women who need it.

Pro-birth-control members of Congress are calling on the Bush administration to reconsider this terrible idea. Please let your members of Congress know that you strongly oppose this attack on birth control!

This proposed regulation deliberately confuses the definitions of contraception and abortion and could seriously jeopardize state laws and policies that protect women’s access to birth control. For example, state laws that require hospitals to provide sexual-assault survivors with access to emergency contraception could be jeopardized.

This issue makes it all the more clear why we must elect pro-choice Sen. Barack Obama as our next president. Sen. John McCain has repeatedly voted against allowing women to obtain birth control and there’s no doubt he will carry on Bush’s anti-choice legacy. Sen. Obama has a consistent record in strong support of women’s access to contraception and is the chief sponsor of legislation to make birth control more affordable.

Take action today. Don’t let the Bush administration’s attacks on birth control go unanswered.

Thank you for remaining vigilant against the Bush administration and taking action today."


  1. Maybe I'm overly naive but I truly can't understand the need to politicise abortion and/or birth control.

  2. you're not. it is no one's business what i do with my own twat.