Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dang, I Can't Continue On With My Pity-Party Now :)

Fifteen months of laboring love and about nine of those months having my own silent pity-party about never being nominated for an award has come to an end today with my nomination by Reas over at Trench Warfare for the award below:

Thanks, Reas for thinking of me! Although I have to admit I was wallowingly comfortable with my party :) It is an honor to be recognized by your peers and I truly appreciate it. Were it not for my finding fellow social work bloggers to converse with I would have quit months ago. Thanks to you all for keeping me makes it all worthwhile :) IllusiveJoy nominated Trench Warfare and others that I would have nominated so now I have to take to the blogroll to find nominees...thanks guys :~

1. One Little Polish Girl because she keeps me grounded and she loves her kitties as much as I love mine!

2. Real Life In Lower Alabama 'cause she's my homegirl and she makes me laugh :)

3. Under the Overpasses because he makes me think and he makes me cry which makes me know that I still have a heart :)

4. Photos From Northern Norway is one of the first blogs I found. It is a photoblog with some of the most amazing photos you have ever seen! I can find much peace perusing his site :)

5. KelticKaos I saved this one for last but it is certainly not least. Although she is known as "Heather" now she will always be "Kelticdragonfly" to me. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends online. I can't even remember how many years it's been least three. I consider her a true know the kind you can fight with, make up with, have a healthy disagreement with, but yet respect the other's opinion, not hear from for months, but pick up where you last left off just like it was yesterday. She regularly makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cry but I always read everything she writes :)

6. Shoot, I almost forgot Carespace a really cool blog/forum from the UK because it's a wonderful place and I get so much traffic from them!

7. Southern Mom 'cause she needs the love, having to clean up after Gustav

1. You can cut and paste the award logo onto your blog

2. Link to the person who sent it to you

3. Pass on the love to a few other bloggers and link to them

4. Comment on those blogs to let them know!

Whew! :)


  1. Congratulations! I realized I owe you an apology. I have rarely, if ever, left you a comment...thing is, when I get to your blogroll blog I get swept away in reading all the blogs you have there and then forget to come back here!! My brain is like that. I need to take in info in small increment lest I get overloaded and the smoke starts coming out my ears! Anyway...congrats and now I have bookmarked this blog so I can resist the urge to wander. :)) By the way, Arnie says "hi"!

  2. Thanks, Prin, you are so sweet!
    I'll try to figure this out. I'll let you know if I need help.

  3. congrats girl! you really deserve many awards.

  4. Whoo hoo!

    Now, there's this whole "lipstick on a pig" thing that needs to be addressed....


  5. Leplume, don't worry about it I know you love me :)

    Heather, me... sweet?

    Janice, thanks!!

    Reas...lipstick on a pig??? 'splain please :)

  6. Thanks Prin. You are the social work guru with a big heart!! You are indeed an award-winning blogger!

  7. The latest "controversy" with Obama/McCain. Check out Glen Greenwald's take on it over at It's front page right now.

  8. that's just ludicrous. they are just looking for something anything for the journalists to write about besides palin's crap.

  9. Homegirl? That is so COOL! Thanks for the means more than you can know. I really feel like I can get through this MSW school thing with friends like you to cheer me up!!

  10. Nice one, Prin and more than deserved! Thanks for pointing the way to other interesting stuff! (I am just watching the news this morning so I can follow the lipstick thing now and know what you're talking about!).

  11. thanks cb and congrats on yours too :)