Monday, September 29, 2008

Pisser Mondays...

I know I said I would find some humor/satire to post about the bailout today but instead I think I will start a new series called Pisser Mondays...because honestly I can not for the life of me find any humor in this day...

It seems as though I have lost my life....seriously. I have somehow lost every documentation of every bit of education I have ever received. In my infinite wisdom I decided it should all be nicely contained in one folder. This folder contained my high school diploma, my hairstyling and instructor of hairstyling diploma, my AA degree, my graphic communications diploma and all certification of honors and awards received and my home health diploma and all certification of honors achieved. I had all this neatly inside the larger plastic folder containing every piece of documentation I would need to get my social work degree. Sometime earlier this year I needed it for I don't remember for what, so I took it out. Bad idea. It seems to have never made it back into it's appointed folder. This I just can not believe. I have been so proud of me for being able to find it all in the first place and second for having the bright idea to keep it all in one place and lastly, but moot now, for being able to know where it was at all times.

Sometime during the course of taking the test, getting the degree, packing and throwing away to move, it has just disappeared. There is a sickening feeling down deep in my gut that when i decided to just throw away all old papers, all old folders containing course work, old papers and tests and everything else school related that was jammed into my right side desk drawer without really going through everything, just chucking it, I chucked my life right into the garbage along with all the other stuff I thought I would never need again. I am just sick. I can not believe I would have done something so friggin' stupid. This is a prime example of AADD in it's finest moment. So don't expect to hear much from me this week. I'm royally pissed and will be using that energy to search anything that might even resemble a folder! Wish me luck.

I guess I can be grateful that my degree, proof that I passed my licensure test, my honor society certificate and my certificate for serving that year from hell as assistant treasurer/historian of the social work student association are all still in the folder. I guess I can tell employers today really is the first day of my life, because I certainly can't prove I can do anything else...


  1. i am so sorry. im bad about putting things where i think i can find them again and then losing them. i usually find it years later after ive replaced whatever it is.

  2. thanks, girl! i was beginning to think nobody gave a s**t :)

  3. prin, that is awful! You have a license to be pissed all week. I do hope your folder turns up.

  4. Oh my....

    That sucks. I'm so sorry. What a royal pain to have to replace all of that should it be gone.

  5. Do you think you can get a copy of whatever is missing? In case you don't find it by the time you might need it again?

  6. the thing about it is that four of the schools either don't exist anymore or have had a major overhaul/name change so i know for sure out of the four i can't replace two at all. i haven't called the others yet, they are in atlanta, so it's iffy.