Wednesday, September 10, 2008

James Ford Seale--Conviction Overturned

Just about the time you think you might be able to hold your head up, release your sphincter muscle and look someone in the eye when they ask "where are you from?" This happens. I cannot imagine what the Moore-Dee families must be going through this morning. My heart aches for them and what they must be feeling.

The 71-year old Seale was convicted in August of 2007 for his involvement in the murders of Henry Dee and Charles Moore. He served a little more than a year for three murders. Hell, when convicted, he had already lived about as much of his hate-filled life as he was going to. He had already been allowed to get married, have children, own property, live the American dream as much as possible in this state. Much, much more than Henry Dee or Charles Moore were allowed to do.

"The bones of Dee and Moore—recovered in sections, first by fishermen and then by Navy divers—had emerged from the murky Mississippi but had never, truly, been put to rest. In many ways, they were still chained to Ernest Parker’s Jeep engine block and two railroad spikes and car wheels."
Jackson Free Press

If you would like to read Jackson Free Press's award-winning coverage of the entire story go here. It's a fascinating read into how Mississippi has tried to rectify some of the wrongs of the past.

Others Mississippi has prosecuted or tried to prosecute:

Edgar Ray Killen

Byron de la Beckwith/Cecil Ray Price

Newsweek article on our "ghosts"

Just in case you've never heard of the Ku Klux Klan

ok, that's about all my psyche can stand for one day.

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