Friday, September 12, 2008

Vote for Palin---The Real One

Found this over at Shakesville :)

I also found some cool links over at S&F Online:

"S&F Online ( provides public access to the Barnard Center for Research on Women's most innovative programming by posting written transcripts, audio and visual recordings, and links to relevant intellectual and social action networks. The journal builds on these programs by publishing related scholarship and other applicable resources.

Like other scholarly journals, S&F Online is a refereed journal. Contributions are accepted only after rigorous review.

New issues of S&F Online are published three times a year. The journal is free and available to the general public."

In my dreams I am going to graduate from Columbia one day :)


  1. In my dreams I'm going to graduate from Berkley some day.

    Awesome video.

  2. yeah, berkley would be cool too. if i wanted to be a philosopher i would definitely go to berkeley. i know they have much more, but the philosophy pages there are the main one's i've encountered. the weather would definitely be much better there though :)

  3. I my dreams I will someday be done with school, including CE requirements. Thanks for the S&F resource--it is perfect for a family full of girls I'm trying to empower.