Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, this bad boy is huge! Here's a satelite picture of him. I was just looking at the beach cam of Mobile. If the waves from the outer bands are any indication he's going to be a bad one.

Imagine the nightmare of trying to evacuate a city the size of Houston. Just for an example, according to Wikipedia, New Orleans has an inner city population of 180,000 and a metro population of 1,030,363. Houston, on the other hand has a population inner city of 2,208,180 and a metro population of 5,628,101. Even taking into account the fact that New Orleans has not totally re-populated after Katrina that is still a whopping difference. It looks like Corpus Christi, where my half sister lives, is going to be devastated. It's a shame, it is such a beautiful place.

I guess all the people who moved to Houston after Katrina, thinking it was safer, are just pissed right about now. I feel for them.

Here's the Southern Mississippi Valley Loop if you want to watch it on radar.

No wonder the boy's hotel is already full all the way over here...


  1. Yeah, I spoke with family who lives in Houston. Apparently officials asked that people in the metro stay put so that people further south could get out--I think Galvaston is really the city to be concerned about. Houston will get pummeled though, no question.

    Social historians say that the storm of 1900 that hit Galvaston was really what made Houston the city it is today. People left and never went back.

  2. On Friday, LA Lady and I looked out of our office window to see the Dade County, Florida Urban Search and Rescue trucks parking in our parking lot. Fireman, search and rescue dogs, and let's not forget the FEMA 18 wheeler. Apparently, our parking lot was the staging area before they headed to Texas. They aren't playing around with IKE.

  3. yeah they didn't play around with gustav either. our coliseum was full of emergency rescue, entergy and tree cutting bucket trucks waiting to see where he hit. i don't think ike is going to be over for a while..we still had downpours today and it was real ugly looking over to the west. i gues y'all had bright sunshine and cool weather :)