Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Teen Resource Guide

The email account I use for all my subscriptions and all social work related stuff never ceases to amaze me! The National Criminal Justice Reference Service maintains a kind of working list where members can ask questions and other members can reply. Sometimes this can get annoying as it can fill several pages very quickly and other important things get lost in the shuffle. Mostly though, it is very enlightening. Today is just such a day. The discovery I made was about the Teen Resource Guide. The look and layout of it was what got me hooked. It looks like a notebook with jotted notes on it. This would be very user friendly to a teen I believe. Oh, and it's not just the same ole, same ole either. It's up-to-date and very informative on issues like raves, even how to conduct a safe rave :), winter driving, eating disorders, mental health issues, discrimination, the law and u, running away, volunteering and so much more. If you have a teen or work with teens then I would hip them to it and keep a copy for myself for those endless questions and "talks". It is sponsored by Youth and Family Services of South Dakota where you can also find Western Prevention Resource Center which has a wealth of information all of it's own.

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