Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Interesting Articles on Palin...

BuzzFlash makes some very fine points in this article on Sarah Palin written by Christine Bowman

Brilliant at Breakfast also has an article posted by Jill on Palin's record in Wasilla.


  1. I wish I were not so obsessed with this VP pick, but since I am, I'm glad you are feeding right into it.

  2. I'll read the articles but the woman makes me cringe...

  3. I admit i am obsessed with her too and scared sh*tless! I visited a forum today I used to love a long time ago and has recently been revamped. It made me sick, all the people I used to admire, singing her praises. I had to go take to my bed for a minute after reading what all they were saying :) Yep, I'm going to continue to post everything I can find about her.