Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some days I should just never get out of bed...

Today, I think. is going to be one of those days... My search started last night around midnight actually. It is now 5am and I am back at it. Does this tell you anything? I was in search of an add on for firefox that an idiot could use to capture screen shots and post them on blogger, cause, you know this would be so much more fun with pictures and stuff and besides I wanted to share examples of the crap offered to plus sized women for clothing. After three failed attempts (not idiot proof) I found Clipmarks--so cool even I can use it! All you have to do is click the green icon that has been loaded between the address and search boxes and highlight and save, or email or post. This is the coolest add on I have found to date. Expect much fun to follow :)

So since lately I have had new readers and commenters (!) that totally think my way of thinking is wrong, I'll start sharing with you right away :) I'm not sure if this is Sarah Palin's church but one of the commenters on YouTube said she's on there about 6 minutes in...I think she may be the one in the blue shirt and black pants, but can't say for sure. This may scare you, so be prepared if you've never encountered glossolalia
before,click the link. Here's the video:

I'll probably be back with more later, but for now I'm freezing and need to go take a shower to warm up...Thanks Ike for bringing a touch of Fall to the South! Yea! 58 degrees at night!

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