Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Debate

You all know I suffer from AADD don't you? The one thing that is annoying about it, aside from the obvious, is sometimes during lectures I hit on and can-not-for-the-life-of-me-understand-wtf-the-lecturer-meant-by-the-statement. This drives me crazy. I can not get past it and it renders me completely oblivious to the rest of the lecture.

Seven minutes into the debate John McCain said this: "This is not the beginning of the end of this crisis, it is the end of the beginning." All I heard was "This is not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning" I'm sorry, I just lost it...not for the entire debate, but I did have to take a short nap to re-group. Is there anyone out there who can explain this to my deficit disordered brain? Oh, and without using the same words....the boy tried, but got so exasperated with me he just left the room shaking his head :)

Oh, before I forget there is are great drinking games to help you plan for the next debate up at Wonkette and The Seminal. The Seminal one is a less mysogynistic :) I wish I'd known about them...before...

Ok, the debate...I did take notes :)

At first I was pissed because Obama seemed to me to be allowing McCain to run all over him and was conceding to a great many of el stupido's comments, but this morning after sleeping on it I realized that he did in fact take the high road and looks better than McCain for doing so. It was funny to me when Lehrer said he was just trying to get them "to talk to each other" that Obama got the hint but it seemed to irritate McCain like being told "no" irritates a two-year old and he decided in his infinite wisdom to just dig his heels in and refuse to do that which was asked of him to the point of not even looking at Obama.

It was great when Obama called McCain on the tax cut issue. I think this resonated with a great many people because we are so pissed right now about the bailout and to think of giving corporations another 300 million, or was it billion (remember AADD) is just ludicrous when they are already using every loophole in the present tax structure to escape paying taxes.

To me, McCain looked and sounded like a mean-spirited, cranky old grump. Obama on the other hand looked and sounded polished and confident. He does need to figure out how to counter the "naive" comment a little better though. It does need a real answer because that is where people are seemingly undecided about him.

All in all this debate did not change my mind on who I vote for. I think I would much rather go for the calm, cool and collected naive one than the seasoned hothead. I don't want a temper-driven person responsible for that red button...

Here are some links for you if you want to read more of what other people are saying...I have to go cook chili now :)


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  1. I din't get to see the debate yet but I did tape it. This has made me want to run inside and watch it. It doesn't surprise me that Obama was polished. He's a great speaker.

  2. you should it was much more entertaining than past debates :)

  3. Yeah, I didn't see it either. I figured I could go to You tube and other sites for highlights.

  4. "This is not the beginning of the end of this crisis, it is the end of the beginning."

    It meant that this bailout is just the tip of the iceberg and the financial crisis will continue well past when the election is.

    He's implying that the next president will have to deal with this crisis and you should be careful who you elect because of that.

    It's funny he says it, because I'm thinking Obama is WAY more qualified to deal with it than him.

  5. Thank you so much asw! I get it now and you are right...maybe that's why it blew me away, all i know is that it just made no sense to me then. thanks again :)

  6. Is it just me or did McCain NOT answer one single question? Avoidance and denial can be quite irritating in a presidential candidate.

  7. aw, hell they filled him full of aricept and all he could remember was that he had to get the naive thing in. i thought what he did was just a bunch of diversionary crap.

  8. No problem, prin. I was a bit thrown by it, too. :)

    As for the debate, I'm not sure that either of them REALLY answered any questions. That's not what politicians do these days. They take your question and they just say what they want to say.

    We didn't seem to get much authenticity last night. I don't like that they know the questions beforehand and are allowed to prepare. Debates should be off the cuff and free wheeling. Let's see what these guys (and gal) can really do!

  9. that would be something to see, now, wouldn't it?

  10. oh, and did you know that the entire time we were having our *ahem* "fight" i thought you were female. LOL! it all makes sense now. when i think back to the actions and your answers for them that upset me so much then, don't at all now when thinking about how the brains of men are hardwired. I'm so sorry for freaking out like that and I hope you will forgive me. maybe it all will make sense to you when you realize how I was picturing the entire thing. you know we are used to having to fight for our "territory" :) one little polish girl has a post up about that very thing right now over on her blog. anyway again, I'm sorry for it all.

  11. I didn't see the debate - my dad did but his concise views 'McCain was rubbish but I might be saying that because I want him to be rubbish' didn't really illuminate very much for me - so thanks for the links and the insight, Prin :)

  12. No worries, prin. Forgiven and forgotten. Thanks. :)