Friday, September 26, 2008


Jacquizz Rodgers, I think I love all 5'6", 180 pounds of you!

Now, most of you know that I don't watch football...mainly because I get the yard-by-yard-minute-by-minute updates from the boy, who, as most of you know, would die for the Georgia Bulldogs. :) I make my contribution to football by cooking my Georgia Bulldog Chili every friggin' week they play until it's over.

Last night was different. By the time Ugly Betty and Gray's Anatomy were over I had heard so much about it and been forced to flip over to watch during commercials that I was, ok, I admit it...interested. This was one hell of a game and it was actually fun to watch. Yep, I said fun. If you get a chance to watch Jacquizz Rodgers in action please do. Even if you don't like football he is just a delight to watch. Plus if you have a boy around 8 that is worried that he is never going to be tall you can show him being short can be a good thing.

The game was also great because my boy is and will for the rest of the season be walking on air because USC is out of the running for No 1. Yeah! Makes my life so much easier. I won't go into all the grumblings I get around my house for months about USC, but just a few are that they are always ranked number 1 because they don't play any serious teams thereby never getting injured. Do you know that they are so petted and pampered that their star players don't even have to walk off the field after a game? Yep, saw that one for myself last night.

Ok, I could go into much greater depth with this but I think I'm starting to itch and feel a spell of hives about to come on from all this football talk. We play Alabama tomorrow so if you want to help out cook the chili! :) It makes a lot but freezes well...

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  1. Football here is HUGE in Packerland. I even have the Cheesehead hat to prove it! Haha!