Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I wish I was funny :)

I used to be funny and in fact I had someone from my middle school contact me via asking me to join a group and all they could remember of me back then was that I was just so freaking funny :) Yep, that was me, the funny fat girl, class clown, taking no shit from teachers, boys or anyone else. What's so annoying about that is I wasn't even that big...5'8" and 140 lbs. This post was originally going to be called "Pissers" for all those minor annoyances in life that are just not right but not irritating enough to require a full blown rant...then I started reading and while I am pissed enough to start a full blown rant, I am just resigned to the overload of all of it. At the moment I have 10 tabs up there waiting to be copied and pasted for your perusal. I think I will start with the "pissers"

It's a pisser:

-when people move away and don't take the puppy they've only had for three months or now i have to feed it or watch it guess who will probably have a puppy before long?

-plus size clothes designers seem to think just because you require plus-sized clothes you must have a neck and shoulders the size of a linebacker. Oh, and you must also love lots of freaking trim or big honking flowers on your "dusty" pink or "dusty" blue shirts, and you just love, love, love slinky knits so that it will show every freaking fold of fat you have with such perfection it's just sure to attract the most adoring male. Yes, and you cannot possibly be over 5'2" and how dare you have long legs...everyone knows plus size people are dwarfs...round and short...that's us. I'll stop with this...I could go on for years about this one.

-people who've never lived below the poverty level(assumption) for any extended period who think eating out, shoes, eyeglasses and clothes are "treats" no matter how they are purchased (sorry, had to get it off my chest and out of my know I love you)

-your 19 year old innocently requested information about business school and eight online colleges called the next minute and more than that spammed

-when you sign up for a free "Obama" bumpersticker and before you get it, you get a letter wanting you to donate to the campaign...nope, I'm one of those you have proposed "change" for so leave me the **** alone with that. I already get at least three emails a day from your campaign asking for money...I don't have any freaking money, k? Makes me wonder if the bumpersticker is even coming....

-my license is not here yet and the state personnel board said they can not process my application without! I said it was applied for...what part of "applied for" don't you understand!

-the last time I checked gas was four dollars a gallon in the poorest state in the union--it could be higher today...haven't been out yet.

-I still don't know who the new owner of my house is...nope not a word from them, so I've decided to just live here free until someone tells me different :) all the while getting ready to move....down to 25 boxes of books, yippee!

Ok, so now on to the ten or so links I have for you today:

It all started with the CEO of AIG being paid 47 Million in a severance package for failing to do his job.

Then from there I went to General Mills posted higher than expected earnings on Wall Street because we have been reduced to cooking at home because we can no longer afford to eat out.

From there I went to "Sign the Citizen Petitions to Protect Whistleblowers, Patients and Patriots" on OpEd News

This took me to Public Citizen's Consumer Corner page...I stayed there for a good while and was going to post a few of the links I found on that page because they are quite interesting but I'll let you dig for yourself.

Then back to OpEd News for an article written by Brian Lynch, a New Jersey social worker, internet activist "How to Steal an Election"

Then there was a really cool one that showed all the campaigners and the number of groupers and number of lobbyists they have behind them but I guess it got lost in the in the land of the "go back" arrow somewhere because I can't find it now.

K, that's it for me today...


  1. WOW, THATs a lot to say. I don't feel so bad for being so long winded. :-)

    Did they send you that bumpersticker? I work in a building with a Lib that volunteers at a Obama office, if you want I'll ask him to get something for you and I'll even mail it to you. (no cost, I'll even pay postage)

    You should support who you believe in, even if I think its the wrong person.
    I served 21 years to make sure you had that right, no need stopping now.

    The catch, I rant and rave and can be irritating. haha.

  2. That's ok, ChiefRon, I think it will be interesting to see if it ever comes like it was supposed to. The main reason I'm supporting Obama is because I am a social worker and the fact is the money flows more freely for social programs when democrats are in office. Social programs are so going broke under the republicans, in fact we can not afford to be benevolent towards anyone anymore. I just hope in my heart that will all change...yes i know a much overused work these days...thanks, for posting :)

  3. You ARE funny Prin! LOL
    You know, I always hate buying shorts or pants in plus sizes because they have these HUGE legs. I have skinny legs. Doesn't quite work. And yeah, I don't do floral or big bows either.

  4. I turned plus sized recently and it stinks... your still funny.

  5. I agree--you are still funny. Especially liked the "dusty" colored plus size clothes...

  6. My favorite part of being plus sized is the bras! Just because I am big doesn't mean I am not sexy as hell and it would be nice to show off my lady business in something not similar to what my mother wore in the 50's! Thanks for the pisser!