Friday, September 19, 2008

Palin's Churches and the Third Wave

"Part One
History and Theology of the Third Wave

Sarah Palin has refused to acknowledge belonging to any specific denomination or any particular religious stream. However, it is now well documented that she spent her youth in an Assembly of God church and has regularly attended another AoG church, as well as two Independent Churches. At least three of four of these churches have close ties to prominent organizations and leaders in the Third Wave movement, also known as the New Apostolic Reformation.

This is a worldwide movement so completely ignored by the press that there is no single accepted term that has been coined for the identification for the group. In addition to Third Wave and New Apostolic Reformation, it is also referred to by the names of some of its more extreme theologies, such as Joel's Army and Manifest Sons of Destiny. Its roots are in a revival of the manifestations and beliefs of the New Order of Latter Rain which has been repeatedly condemned by the General Council of the Assemblies of God since 1949.

Palins's refusal to define her denominational background has resulted in much speculation about her religious beliefs and their impact on her worldview. An enormous amount of misinformation has resulted, since many of the writers lack the benefit of knowledge of these diverse theologies. Writers who are knowledgeable about the Third Wave movement have posted similar information on this site. However, this post is intended for use as a history and theology reference for the material in Part Two.

Part Two is documentation of the extensive links between these churches and major leaders of the Third Wave."

The entire article can be found by clicking the title link.

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